Start in your Bucket!

On a day-to-day basis, users only need to interact with four buttons:
  - [Assign Review]
  - [My Assignment]
  - [My Posted Reviews]
  - [Search Reviews]
. . . That is all. Assignments automatically show up in their designated buckets as reviews and audits are performed based on your review process and rules. That is easy. . . 

Create a Review

Files you are working on are ready to be reviewed!
Get started by adding your files & references.
One click shows you items never reviewed or outdated reviews.

Select Reviewers

Select one or many team members for your review.  Or just assign it to yourself!

Each reviewer comment will come back to the Author.

Post your Review

Select a checklist that is suitable for your review.
If you are the organizer, you can change the Author. You can select someone different than the reviewer to check the final result. This would be the Quality Person.
Add some optional notes/due dates, Post your Review.

Perform the Review

Start reviewing your assignments. reviewGEAR will automatically pull the right content, questions and references.

Review rules are enforced as you define them. All drop-downs are fully customizable. Consistent Process, Reviews, Content; all trackable. 

Resolve the Review Actions

Time to address Action Items.
All Action Items are visible and highlighted by red text. Quickly Accept/Reject with your reason. Update the data time and pass the review to finalize.

Optimize your review process . . .

Ready to Start?

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